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About Maya Jagger

Unleashing the Female Gaze

I have spent my life exploring a variety of creative media, including painting, sculpture, home and landscape design, and also writing both a travel memoir and publishing my poetry.

My latest passion is iphotography and I am happy to share these images with you.

I have been a member of the Kingston Organization of Women Artists (OKWA) since 2008 and have exhibited in several locations throughout Ontario in group and solo exhibitions.

As an avid traveler, I have visited many countries in North, South and Central America and Europe, exploring different cultures and cuisines.  As a teacher at an international school in Medellin, Colombia I lived in the Andes and learned Spanish. Upon my return to Canada I taught in both small and large public schools , and am now enjoying retirement in the forests of rural Ontario.

THE ABOVE PIECE IS A PHOTOGRAPH QUILT OF SELF PORTRAITS ENTITLED 'UNLEASHING THE FEMALE GAZE'.   This piece was part of a 2018 group show by the Organization of Kingston Women Artists at the Tett Centre in Kingston called Gender Bias. 

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